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Crockett & Jones was founded in 1879 in Northampton, the traditional home of the Goodyear stitched shoe factory. The men’s collection is divided into three distinct lines (Hand Grade Collection, Main Collection and Shell Cordovan Collection) along with a more confidential range of flat heels and boots for women.

Although production methods have evolved since its inception, including improved tooling and the implementation of modern safety and environmental measures, the factory has retained much of its original look.

With more than two hundred steps in an eight-week period, the production of high-end shoes still requires a highly skilled workforce. The Goodyear assembly process guarantees a shoe of exceptional robustness that will prove to be comfortable. This process is the mechanization of the hand sewing process created centuries ago by boot makers.

The fifth generation of this family business is committed to maintaining the quality of craftsmanship and seriousness that have earned the loyalty of their customers for over one hundred and thirty years.

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