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Since its founding in 1975, Santoni has continued to pursue the same vision, perfecting a cultural heritage of Italian craftsmanship and excellence. It all started with Andrea Santoni and the creation of a high-end shoe workshop. Then he was succeeded by his son Giuseppe who elevated the brand to an international icon.

Santoni has built its success around these two parallel values, perfectly combining traditional manufacturing methods with the ability to create completely custom-made shoes, while attaching great importance to research and design. Distinctive features have attracted a sophisticated, demanding clientele that is well-informed about the latest style trends. A modern mentality applied to ancient know-how preserved by the Santoni master shoemakers. Witnesses to the metamorphosis of the artisanal workshop into a prestigious brand, some of them have been with the House since its beginnings in 1975. Authenticity and a passion for beautiful things of premium quality have always been at the heart of the House’s creations.

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