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Bontoni is a third-generation Italian family-owned company that produces an exclusive line of men’s custom-made and ready-to-wear dress shoes. Bontoni’s nine-person workshop is located on the outskirts of Montegranaro in the Marche region of Italy.

Bontoni was founded in 2004 by Franco Gazzani (third generation family shoemaker) and his distant cousin Lewis Cutillo. Many of the styles worn by the brand were originally created by Gazzani’s father and grandfather. The name Bontoni comes from the French bon ton, which means “sophisticated way.

Bontoni produces less than 9 to 12 pairs per day. The family business is known for its rich hand-colored leathers, high level of craftsmanship and limited production. Bontoni’s bottega, or workshop, is located in the Marche region of Italy. It takes about twelve weeks to make a pair of ready-made shoes and ten months for a custom-made pair.

Bontoni’s shoe collection is available from a limited number of exclusive manufacturers around the world.

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