We feature some of the World’s finest brands offering a broad spectrum of styles and designs. From the quintessential English brogue to fashionable vividly coloured, suede summer moccasins, you will find them all in our boutique. Wide feet are also catered for as well as big and small sizes (sizes 5 to 13)

Andrea Ventura

Founded in 2007 by designers Andrea Ventura and  Iacopo Soldini, Andrea Ventura Firenze has set its objective to change the face of the traditional classic men’s shoe. Understanding the demands of the modern man, they are focused on incredibly supple leathers and suedes, in dozens of beautiful, vibrant shades. The soles are all very lightweight and flexible. Fashion and wearability perfectly juxtaposed.


Franco Gazzani is a third generation shoe maker. His approach is the embodiment of traditional shoemaking. A small team of craftsmen painstakingly produce around 50 pairs per weeks .each pair hand-stiched and hand coloured. Exquisitely designed, this is wearable art.


Since its creation in 1979, The Santoni Family has developed an iconic brand successfully combining the best elements of Italian design and craftsmanship. They produce a wide range of models and invest heavily in research. Each season, there are surprises with innovative designs, colours and new materials. Their goal of creating shoes that are beautiful but comfortable is attained year after year.


1866 Matías Pujadas opened a small workshop in Inca, Majorca, and he began crafting tailor-made shoes and started a family tradition of shoemakers which has lasted six generations. Their beautiful shoes are still made in the same village. Carmina stick to their historical roots: traditional designs and techniques. Quality without compromise and the best raw materials. The result is a shoe that is as good as anything else available in the World.

Carlos Santos

Carlos started work in the company as a 14 year old apprentice over 40 years ago.  He is now ably assisted by his daughter and a very loyal workforce of over 120. Since then, the Company has gone from strength to strength. Their quality is on a par with their English competitors. They source their raw materials from the same suppliers. An ultra-modern factory and lower operating costs means they are the most reasonably priced of all our suppliers.  They are innovative and customer-driven resulting in an end product that  never disappoints.

Edward Green

Edward Green shoes represent the pinnacle of English shoemaking . Founded at the end of the 19th Century,they have maintained a brilliant reputation as a niche manufacturer and a paragon of excellence. Today the high standards remain with each pair of Edward Green shoes being mostly handmade, using only the finest quality calfskin. Each pair takes several weeks to make and many skilled craftsmen are involved.

Crocket & Jones

Crockett & Jones was founded in 1879 in Northampton. They manufacture Goodyear welted shoes much in the same way 140 years on: tradition and craftsmanship rule. This 5th generation family firm is the embodiment of English knowhow and they have garnered an enviable reputation for quality footwear around the World.

Matthew Cookson

Matthew is the creator of the stunning range of slippers bearing his name.  They are the embodiment of British eccentricity. Hand-embroidered designs, vivid velvets and supple suedes. We are proud to be Matthew’s chosen retailer in Switzerland.


Founded In Almansa, Spain’s shoe capital in 1955. Today, Mr Blanco’s 6 grandchildren each handle a different aspect of the complex web of a modern shoe business. They succeed magnificently. Contemporary designs, fabulous workmanship and incredible value.


Paraboot have been manufacturing shoes for over 100 years in the  Isere region of France near Grenoble. They stick to their guns and are peerless in creating Norwegian-stitched shoes with  incredibly comfortable rubber soles. They are rugged, durable and utterly timeless.

John Lobb

John Lobb has been making the finest shoes and boots for gentlemen since 1866 in London and 1902 in Paris. Under the stewardship of Hermès since 1976, their shoes are made for the discerning customer who demands perfection without compromise. They set the bar very high indeed and their name is synonymous with English craftsmanship

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